Aug 23, 2017


When Rich and I started dating, and I would stay at his house, or he at mine..I would always take the quarters from his change pile he pulled out of his pocket before bed. I don't know where my love of quarters came from, I think because as a kid they could buy me things. I would save quarters and could buy cookies at school, or a soda from a was the easiest form of money to come by. It eventually turned into Rich hiding quarters for me to find. All over the house, in pockets and shoes of clothes, he would hid them all around the world wherever we would go. Every quarter I would find was a token of his love. When we moved to SF 4 years ago, I got a pitcher at thrift store, and started saving them all "for a rainy day". The rainy day has come (we're moving to Washington after all!) so I rolled them all up to go change them out and boy there's a lot of love in that pitcher..

approx. 2/week for 4 years...or $96 :) 

Aug 22, 2017

Behind the Scenes: LA

We travel a lot, and we travel well. It's something Rich and I both find extremely valuable and I do most if not all of the planning on our trips. I thought after every trip recap, I could post the behind the scenes, to hopefully inspire other travelers that you don't have to spend a lot to see the country or world! 

Reason for the trip: I bought tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream months ago, and figured we'd make a trip out of it when the time came.

How we got there: BACK STORY: Back in September 2016, American was offering $500 a ticket to get bumped off a flight from Palm Springs to Dallas (we were then connecting on to Oklahoma). We were on a tight schedule as is, so didn't think we could do it, BUT always check! We were shuttled to LAX and put on a direct flight that got us in earlier than our original ticket, PLUS $1000 in credit! We had a small bit of that left over, and Rich had some credit with Virgin America for a cancelled flight a few months ago. Same thing, he got the standard automatic credit when a flight is cancelled, but called in and explained we had to find extra care for our dogs, and miss work, so they offered him additional credit. Always ask! With all the left over credit we had, we only ended up paying $6 for the flights! 

Flight booking note: I track flights on Hopper (I like their notification system), but then I check final prices on Kayak, because they offer the "hacker fare" so 2 one ways from different airlines that end up being cheaper than a round trip. 

We rented a car: Use Kayak to check average prices per day for your dates/city. Then go to Priceline and name your own price for $5-$10/day cheaper than that average price. You may have to try a few times, but often we can get a car for cheaper this way! 

We stayed in an Airbnb: Also using credit! We got a $100 gift card as a wedding present, and used Airbnb on a business trip so got a $50 credit. LA is vast, so deciding where to stay ultimately depends on what cool Airbnb's we could find. Our first pick was already booked, but our second was accepted only after a warning that it was "really small". We were up in the hills of Silverlake! (I lived in the next neighborhood over during college,  Echo Park)

Sadly our top choice wasn't available.

From there, I researched where to eat, and looked up all the shops I follow on Instagram and saved them all on my Google map for easy reference when we were out and about. I usually search "travel guide ___" on Pinterest as well and find some good gems! 

It was a 4 day trip, and we fortunately had a great friend stay at the house to watch the pups for us. 

Next Up: A week off to drive ourselves, pups and all belongings to our new home in Issaquah, WA! 

Aug 21, 2017

On the Road

Well, we just got back from a long weekend in LA, where we had tickets to see Willie Nelson and the Ice Cream Museum! 

We spent a day in my old neighborhood, (I can't believe it's been TEN YEARS since I lived in LA and went to FIDM) Silverlake. Every time I'm in LA, there are SO many new spots I need to see and try. This was my first trip since I started eating a plant based diet, so I was excited to try out all the vegan restaurants LA has to offer. 

Kasey Musgraves opened for Willie, and we could see her sparkles from the very top! We got the cheapest seats, so honestly I don't have a good photo, but it was amazing! Follow Kasey on Instagram to see her stories from stage with closeups of Willie! 

If you're in SF, subscribe for the MOIC emails, it's coming to San Francisco later this year! 

Bardonna (Avocado Toast with TRUFFLE OIL!)

We also ate at: 

  • Little Pine (a 100% vegan restaurant from Moby)
  • Honey Hi 
  • Trejo's Tacos
  • Gracias Madres (it feels like a completely different restaurant than from the one in SF!) 
  • Sage (another 100% vegan restaurant open until 12am!) 
We're rounding out our last 2 weeks in California with as much Mexican food as we can handle (that's a lot of Mexican food..)

Feels good to be back. Stay tuned, I am updating my digital closet, so there will be fresh listings soon! 

May 18, 2014


5 days until V A C A T I O N. Spent a big chunk of our weekend planning and figuring out those last minute details like, where will we stay? How will we get there? We're making the trek to Joshua Tree via San Luis for a night, LA for a night and Palm Springs for 2 nights...I'm very much excited. 

On day 18 of whole30, and will be while we're on vacation. what a test! 

May 9, 2014

new look

wasn't sure if I'd ever come back to this place...thought maybe a clean fresh look would help/ some updated info..? blogging helped me through moving across the country a few times, so I thought maybe it would help me again. 8 months in and I haven't found my happy place in SF yet. Haven't given up yet either though. we'll see..

Mar 6, 2014

new year

Ok, well it's 2 months in, but with the fiscal year at work, it really only feels like we're a month in. I've been taking stock of my personal happiness, and what I can do to effect it here, in this place, where I don't feel happy. I came up with a March Mantra: Mind, Body, Soul March. I set some boundaries for myself, and started the week before March because I was so excited..and it've been feeling good.

1. Eat strictly Paleo
2. Work out 3x a week for at least 30 minutes.
3. Take a step away from work when I'm not at work. Don't read work emails after 8pm, or for limited amounts of time on days off.
4. Maintain personal hygeine. (I've been so exhausted that I'll go to bed without washing my face..)

So far, so good. I joined SoulCycle, which is a spin class, but with upper body workout, and its a dark, candlelit room, and motivational? Sounds weird, but the music is loud and pumps you up, and it's fun. I'm doing that once a week because it's a little pricey. I am determined to try and be a runner. I downloaded the Couch to 5K app, and am looking to start that this week. Rich and I also went on our first road ride together since moving here. 20 miles round trip out to San Bruno Mountain! I wanted to die towards the end, but he made me pedal all the way to the top. He's a good buddy.

I'm hoping to see these things reduce my stress levels, and overall improve my happiness level. I'll let ya know how it goes. Of course I went and got sick the first week of March...

Jan 7, 2014

twenty thirteen trips

I thought back about everywhere I went last year, and here's the list:

California including SLO and SF.

I hope to double this list in 2014. We're off to a good start hitting Tahoe already in the first 5 days, and Seattle coming up in a few weeks, with Philly in March!

here's to more adventures!

Dec 10, 2013

3 months in..

800th post. Momentous? Could be. I left this behind for awhile…I didn't feel like I had my own individual thoughts aside from my relationship..and this blog has always been all about me, myself.

We moved across the country..I guess at this point that sounds normal to you if you know me. Yep, 4th time, maybe it'll stick this time.

It's been 3 months..making friends has never been as east as it was in Philly. A day off, during the week and I'm clueless what to do with myself. Call Haley, Siobhan, Lindsay, Colleen…Ride my bike somewhere I know. I was paralyzed today. I didn't have any of those options. I forced myself out of the house to go to the store and get some things to bake a cake. I drove to the coffee shop on that side of town I love,  and I couldn't even get out of my car.

I've never felt physical effects of stress. I've prided myself to be someone who doesn't get stressed..or at least handles it easily. I can see it wearing on me.

I've never felt pains of loneliness..I'm such an extrovert, a social person…but I only ever see or talk to Richard. I feel good and healthy about knowing that's not enough for me. I need human interaction outside of work. Deep, human connection with someone who knows me, or wants to know me. I miss Philly..for about the hundredth day in a row…

I wasn't ready to leave. Richard was. I gave up my happiness and home to give him his. A lifetime we have of this give and take, loving each other through happiness and sadness, and supporting each other's dreams, passions and goals. I'm adjusting…slowly…a day at a time. I miss my old store, the team I built, and grew with for 2 years.

Tears on a Tuesday….

Jan 20, 2013

New things...

This blog has seen me through so much of my adult life! From just turning 21, in and out of relationships, back and forth across the country, different jobs, different days...I've grown and become myself while sharing much of those experiences with you. I've written less and less here over the past year. My life has become joined together with my best friend and love, Richard. So many of my experiences these days are shared with him. I feel like this blog has always been my life, but I feel as though I have an "our life" now which I have hesitated from posting about here. I started a tumblr awhile ago for me to keep track of small moments with him I wanted to remember. This week we turned it into an "our life" blog, and decided to contribute our own views of it together. It has bikes, Richard's photography, cooking adventures, and all things we love. I will still return here to post about my personal experiences outside of my relationship, so don't stop following! Just begin following my new adventure with my buddypalfriend. We call it : the bunny hole.

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Dec 2, 2012

week 3

Today is day 21! I've made it through 3 weeks of Whole30, and I feel pretty good. It's easier to shop, cravings are virtually gone, and I just feel dang awesome. I went out for breakfast for the first time with Siobhan and had great success at Honeys. At home, I've cooked up a mean batch of chicken tinga, spaghetti squash with chicken and tomato sauce, and I have become quite fond of these mini coconut flour pancakes. Seriously, they are dairy free (are eggs dairy?) and grain free! I like to put sunbutter and bananas on them, or apple spread with cinnamon.

Something else really encouraging and honestly, just heart that three ladies I know have all been inspired to start their own Whole30! AWESOME!!!!

Richard and I had Thanksgiving here, our 2nd together! We cooked for ourselves, and everything was Whole30 compliant! We didn't miss a beat :) (I did bake him a pumpkin pie..) Yep, that's turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts, sweet potato bake and mashed fauxtatoes (cauliflower and turnips! holy YUM!) First time I haven't felt like I wanted to vomit after thanksgiving!!!

Food has become my life. These 30 days are all about making myself healthier. This involves much as possible! Exercising (taking longer routes to work, or extracurricular rides with rich) and simplifying my life in other ways. Here's to the last week of my journey to wellness!

Nov 13, 2012

druzy my heart

I don't really ask for much..ever..but PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE someone buy this for me. I suppose I could buy it myself, but getting presents is more fun. I'm a size 6 thank you. drool drool drool drool droooooooooooooooooooool. From Of a Kind.


Oh boy..Minnesota came and went! It was surprisingly more beautiful then I had imagined. Minneapolis is a cool city, reminded me SO much of Portland..but there was NO SHOPPING! A crime, right? I literally spent the whole week trying to find SOMEWHERE that had SOMETHING I could buy, or even WANTED to buy, and alas, there was none. Oh well.

And then I met Richards family. yep.


The Walker. Seriously the best museum I have ever been in. 

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, adjacent to the Walker (Sister, Mom, Dad, Me & Rich!)

The most magical Finnish sauna you ever did see. (wood burning!)

Split Rock Light House

Gooseberry Falls

A panoramic view from our balcony at The Baptism River B&B

And the river itself, Baptism. This was on the property where we stayed. Seriously, beautifully, magical. 

There was also: Lake Superior, Walleye (state fish, yum!) Chino Latino, small town Wisconsin, local Honeycrisp apples (originally from MN!), Iranian Food, Richard receiving his masters (yea!) annnnnnddd SNOW! Yea for vacations!


For as long as I can remember, eating has always been an issue for me. My body has a hard time digesting. Over time I have figured out that some things bother me more than other (a glass of milk) but in general, I don't feel like my body is working efficiently. I happened across my friend Sarah talking on Facebook about a new food approach she was taking. I was intrigued. I googled it, read about it all night, then asked her out for coffee. It's called Whole30, and the general idea is that for 30 straight days (no slips!) you remove ALL inflammatory foods from your diet (alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains, & legumes) and after the 30 days you reintroduce these foods slowly to see how your body reacts. In the mean time, your body is cleansing itself from a lot of unhealthy food. (their manifestos explain the science behind food, and how your body reacts or breaks it down [or doesnt]! These were really helpful to me) Maybe it sounds crazy,'s only 30 days, and I am hoping to understand my body more afterwards. Maybe you're thinking, "well, what are you supposed to eat?!" and the answer: A LOT! It's not a diet, so I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want to. It just can't have anything from the food groups listed above. I CAN have: All sources of protein (meat, fish, eggs) veggies and fruit! This has proved to be a really fun challenge! Last night I made rice out of cauliflower (minus the honey), and curried chicken with pumpkin/coconut milk sauce with some onions and squash. YUM! I've never made curry before either! I'm only on day 3, but I feel good, and I am excited for each day to come!

coconut milk, pumpkin puree, cashews, cinnamon, curry, cumin, red pepper & coconut! 

Curry sauce with chicken, squash and onion

"rice" made with cauliflower! it was so good! 

Oct 18, 2012

sick day

It's inevitable that when you live and breathe with someone and they get sick, that you will in turn get sick. Sick days are for sleeping, drinking tee, laying in the sun on your floral couch and catching up on the internet. Sometimes Richard sends me emails with treats inside. These were inspiration. The bottom one is the idea I have in my head of what Minnesota will look like. We leave in less than 2 weeks to spend a week there. I am very much looking forward to it.

Erin Wasson

She can not believe in muses all day long, but she will forever always be one.

Article here.

Sep 10, 2012

new shoe day

SERIOUSLY been on the hunt for a solid 2 years for the perfect pair of black ankle boots. I've been eying these ones on Free People for about 6 weeks and finally bit the bullet and ordered them last week. I got them today and I'm IN LOVE. BESTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 9, 2012


DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT?! I signed up for a French class!!!! It starts tomorrow, and it's 10 weeks long, once a week for an hour. The school is Alliance Fran├žaise, a few blocks from work!

THEN! Bowling begins again on Tuesday! And I have the BABEST of babes on my team! Melissa and Dan again, and EMMA TOOZE my biggest girl crush ever.

LAST AND NOT LEAST! My girl Mae just started at a new salon! I have an appt on Thursday, and I am SO excited to see her in a place she will be so happy in. I had the pleasure of celebrating her and Matt's wedding last weekend, and oh! what a joy! BFF Siobhan makes an appearance below too as a TOTAL BABE.