Dec 17, 2006

a new beginning

Do you ever fee like you need to just start new, start over, begin fresh?

I have this aching in my heart to feel at home, and be at peace, but i'm trapped, and held down. I long to be free, and have ease. Graduating from college helped that immensly. The stress level really came down a notch the minute my last final was over. It has really commenced one chapter in my life, or really a whole book, and in the serious, gone on to start the next.

I have felt inspired to find my creativity again. Violin, crafts, my love for music, sewing, baking..the flow came right back to me, as if for the past year and 3 months my life has been on pause, and someone just pushed play. Comforting i do say.

I just left work, and I'm tired, so asleep I will go, and not feel guilty anymore, about sleeping in.

peace, love..


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