Jun 20, 2007


I went up to the DC/Baltimore area a few weekends ago to visit an old friend from High School. It was a nice get away, and I went to Church on Sunday night with her, her fiance, and their friend. It was the Frontline Service @ McLean Bible Church. This church is huge! I felt like I was at Hume Lake. It was amazing, and the Worship brought me to tears. Spending time with another Christian girl was really nice, and I was able to refocus alot of my thoughts on things that need to be more of a priority in my life. I tried out a new Church this weekend, and I wasn't really feeling it. Through a fellow blogger, I was directed toward Circle of Hope, and am looking forward to checking them out in the weeks to come.

Gloomy day here in Philly. I hope it stays like this.

peace, love,


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