Jul 2, 2007


I can't believe we're already half way through this year, and I've lived in Philly for 4 months. It seems like so much longer. Ive adjusted here very well. My new apartment is going well, Im having a lot more fun decorating here, and getting settled, the layout flows so much better, and there is more character to work with here. Im happy. Im having guests over tomorrow, and I spackled the walls, but don't have the right paint yet! eek! There are white spots all over the walls :(

Baby Lana turned 2 today (well..its tomorrow in Japan, so yesterday?) she is so cute!!! Pls, let me share this with you:

They were at the store, buying crafts and such for her to play with, and she exclaimed "Mom! I need scissors!! I'll pay for it!!"
I could go on with stories I get to hear. They break my heart, as I hear her squealing in the background. I miss her so much, and I can't wait to have little kids :)

Ive been getting in the Word everyday. It's awesome. I had bought a one year Bible last year to start in January, but I never did, so now that we have 6 months left of this year, Im reading one day in the morning, and one at night. The 6 month Bible.

Peace, Love,


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