Dec 21, 2007

small things

hi hello.

ive been working on my small things wall- and its getting pretty great. I kind of love it. I have my mini knock mans in a shadow box, and little art prints I found at Circle Thirft, and the Wary Meyers Mole that I love most of all!! Too cute!

Also- for the smorgasbord party I made traditional Swedish chocolate balls. They were awful. They look nice, but they tasted horrible. Don't ever make them. Oatmeal, chocolate, sugar, coffee- you don't bake them, and they're seriously disgusting. I should have known better, but Im hoping you will learn from my mistake.

Oh yea- its friday, and i never thought of anything to do. Maybe I'll think of something. I am in Boston now, flew in this morning. (its actually Hull, MA) Im here for Christmas with a good friend of mine, Johnny. Its beautiful and snowy here, so Ill be taking lots of pictures!


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My name's Haley said...

I love your small things wall. Love love love it.