Jan 9, 2008

busy bee

Sorry Ive been absent lately from the blogging world. Its been a good busy start to this new year. Something Im REALLY excited about this year is the Highway 127 Yard Sale. Its a 630 mile/5 states/4 day yard sale. Doesn't that sound amazing?? Its August 7-10 from Ohio to Alabama. Check it out
here !

In other news: Im on the search for a house! My main goal for this year is to take the steps, and purchase a house. I think about it day in and day out, and Im really excited for that to happen!

We've been getting really nice weather recently and although I adore the winter, its made me want to put on shorts and sandles, and lay in the sun. I got my new Spring Catalog from Urban Outfitters in the mail this week- and Im pretty much obsessed with it! Its something to look forward to..

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