Jan 30, 2008

Musical Reading

I like to read. Since graduating school I've gotten back into reading more often. I mainly read to and from work when I am riding the el, and subway. I tend to pick one artist to listen to on my ipod the entire time I am reading one book. The music always fits how I imagine the book to be in real life. It makes me feel like I am there, with the characters, as it's happening. I just finished East of Eden a few weeks ago. I listened to Iron and Wine the entire time. The folky, mountain-man music totally made me think of the Trask farm, and the Salinas Valley.

I've begun to read Les Mis with some friends, and have yet to find my music. I've had a hard time reading the book so far because I'm trying out different music and nothing fits right- and so I am distracted. My co-worker Jeff (if he only knew all the callouts he gets from his coworkers on here!) over the past week has given me about 5 Beirut albums on my request for one song! I have listened to it non-stop and it is the sound Ive been looking for to read Les Mis to. Im now in synch w my Les "Mizzy" music, and ready to read!

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My name's Haley said...

Jeff is so ridiculously amazing, and I love the soundtrack to book idea.