I love love love to travel. Its always exciting to get out of your space, and be somewhere else for a time. It’s even more awesome when you go somewhere new! I will be traveling a lot over the next month; to some places Ive been a thousand times, and a new place too.

Next week I am going back to California to surprise visit my best friend, and her daughter who happens to be named Lana too! (why yes, after me!) Ive shared before, but she is just too precious to not share again!

I will be home for 4 days and then I leave for Iceland. My co-worker went there last fall, and had the most BEAUTIFUL pictures, and ever since I've wanted to go. Northern Lights, geo-thermal pools, beautiful landscapes- what more could you want? My b just happened to be planning a trip there, and he so kindly asked if I would like to join to which I said "Of course!!". Away we go..