ok- so I haven't been posting the past few weeks, and for that I apologize. I’m around for a hot second before I’m out again for a week and a half. My brother is coming to visit!

In my quest to find the perfect chocolate cake, I made this disgustingly rich cake:

It was so so so good. It reminds me of the cake from "Matilda". I had some people over for dinner the next night, and turned the oven on to make spinach enchiladas. I was cooking up some rice and beans on the stove, and noticed an excessive amount of smoke coming from that general area. I opened the oven and found the cake on a plate (my dear b put it in there the night before, to keep it away from the animals as I fell asleep in a cake coma on the couch) melting away.

The fire alarm went off in my apartment, and then the fire alarm in my whole building started going off. It was the loudest, most crippling noise I've ever heard. Just piercing my ear drums. Daniel and I tried to clear the smoke to no avail, and I ended up having to call the fire department.

It was an eventful, sad, funny night. We still ate the cake though!