May 12, 2008

at peace with conflict

At my Church , we've been talking about conflict, and looking at stories in the Bible that represent this issue. Last night we talked about conflict in our relationships with friends and family. It toally hit home, when I realized that what I think is harmless conflict (me ignoring people I don't like) is really actually very harmful. Especially when in the community. I knew I had to call it out, and get it out in the open. It felt good to put a name on this behavior of mine, and realize i need to take action against it. I've reached out to 2 people who were heavy on my heart during the talk, and so far have been met with encouraging forgiveness. Its such a sweet and beautiful thing to be extended this grace.

Thank you Jesus for showing me your grace through these people. I need your forgiveness as well. Help me to become more and more the lady you want me to be.

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Jonny said...

I love seeing this growth in you. You're teaching me a lot. Thanks for the beer earlier this week and lunch today. LC is really cool, by the way,