Jul 11, 2008

Falling Off

I’ve noted before to my b that I don't prefer riding bikes home from an outing with him, because then I don't get my good night kiss. I turn off on my street, and he rides on to his.

Because he is thebestever, he's started to stop, so I get my kiss.

Last night, he slowed down, and hinted that I try kissing him while we were both still riding..going pretty slow, I tried convincing him it wasn't possible, and that I would fall. He didn't give in, so to appease him, I slowed down reaaaal slow, leaned over..got a kiss, and lost my balance. Because I was so close to his bike, my feet couldn't find the ground, so I fell off my bike, onto his, and was stuck between our bikes on the ground. I felt pretty silly, but laughed because it was funny.

I bruised my elbow, and hurt my toe..but smiled because my b likes me.


Jonny said...

That's so cute. I like that story a lot. Amie knows what "I'll be on my bike" means, too. But like you guys, we're learning on how to work that out. Thanks for sharing.

lover mother said...

hahaha!!! that's what you get for being "cutesy"!

anna joy said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww i want to photo your wedding someday!! but wait, i want to go to go to it to! hows that gonna work!?

Dita said...

kissing, bikes, you and your b = three things that are extremely tender!