Month o June

Lots of fun things happened this month. I went camping with a group of friends, went to my b's grandma's wedding, went to NYC for a weekend, lots of bbq's, bike rides, hang outs and all together great summer fun. 4th of July is this weekend, which is absolutely way more fun in Philly than anywhere else I've ever lived! Im excited for the long weekend. Haley and I installed our "Man Wall", which looks amazing. When does Summer technically end, and when does it end personally to you?

I went to the Brooklyn Museum when I was in NY to see the Takashi Murakami exhibit. I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the exhibit, but this was outside. It was really awesome to see one of my favorite artists work like that.


Jonny said…
Man, sister! You've been living the life. I'm so glad to part of a lot that. We need to catch up, I haven't even talked to your "b," as it were, about your trip to NY! For the record, summer ends for me when the school year starts. I think it official ends at the end of September though.
anna joy said…
omg lana! hi! i didn't know you had a blog! slkdfjsldkf. i'm so glad i can keep tabs on you tooo! miss you!!