Jul 7, 2008


Trust and Faith are funny things. I've been thinking about both of them lately. What do they mean, and how do they play out in my life? Why do I have faith, in who/what do I have faith? Who do I trust, and what makes me trust them? I typically give everyone I meet a 100%, and depending on our experience together, it can go down from there. When it does go down..it takes awhile to get it back up. Sometimes it will never get back up.

At some point trusting someone else has little to do with that person, and more to do with how much I'm willing to deal with, and put myelf through. I like to protect myself, but I don't think I can truly get to know people, and live in other's lives without making myself vulnerable to being let down and hurt. Above all what makes me continue to trust people is I know God is there, when I've fallen, or been let down. He is there, and I can always trust Him.

"The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him"
Nahum 1:7


lover mother said...

I feel like I have been so burned by trusting people 100%. I think that I swung to the complete other side. Jesse jokes about how "I don't like people until I meet them" and sometimes it is true. I hate that. It seems hard to find a balance, even with God. Every relationship needs watering and sunshine, I guess that I just hope the seeds are going to grow. I don't buy the plant in full bloom. I haven't quite figured out if that is "ok with me" or not. I just thought I would share.
Keep on truckin

Jonny said...

Oh boy, this stuff is really hard, Lana Bizzle. I think that trust relationships take time. And I think you can go into a relationship with the potential to trust the individual, but I don't prefer to open up completely to that person. I think it takes time. I think they have to earn my trust.