Sep 3, 2008

along the way..

Coming home, and being around family does alot for me. Its been a year since I have seen my mom, and 4 of my siblings. I love them, and miss seeing them, so its nice to be around them, and see them grown up. It's also amusing to see how different i am than my entire family- but where i also get some of my characteristics. I love my mornings because my mom is up @ the crack of dawn every morning..(i am writing you this blog @ 7:45am on my vacation..) and the only peace and quiet you can get in this house is in the morning.

California has been awesome so far. We flew into San Diego, and went to see Weegie's sister. She is awesome! She was such a great host, and we had so much fun doing a TON of stuff in 2 days. We took a boat out to this island of the coast of Mexico, so they could go scuba diving. I snorkeled around, and tried not to get seasick. on the way back, we saw some dolphins, so we all jumped in and swam around with them. It was so cool! I won't tell you everything, so i have something to talk about when we get back..

Here are a few pictures of the trip so far. Everyday that we have together, is one day less i have with b before he leaves. Im going to need some distractions when i get back this weekend!

I miss philly!

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