Oct 15, 2008


this year, for the first time, I am dreading my birthday. My family is not here, my mom will not be making my spice cake with cream cheese frosting, weegie is not here, and I have nothing planned for myself, except going to work..and watching grey's. i really think I just want to cry. I can feel the tears back there, just waiting.

remember when your birthday was a special day planned by your family? At our house, the "birthday fairy" would come at night, and decorate the house, whith streamers and balloons. The whole day was about you, what do you want for breakfast? where do you want to go? what do you want to do? Taco's for dinner, and mom's cake for dessert. Presents from everyone in the family..and the whole day feels special. Tomorrow just feels like a regular day..nothing special happening at all. I wish my family- or weegie were here to make it feel like a special day. I just wish I could skip tomorrow..it's really bumming me out.


joshua said...

bummout. sorry you're down.

your birthday stories, however, are pretty amazing. way better than any of mine for sure.

lady.shiv said...

Aw, mama. I too have to work on our birthday. But I really really want you to come out and celebrate tomorrow. Because we have friends who love us and it is Fall and there is apple cider to be drank. And your party is going to be lovely. I'm sorry you don't have the people around to make it a great day for you. I've hated birthdays for the past 8 years or so, but am just getting back in to them now. So give it a few years, maybe they'll just get better!