Oct 1, 2008

the haps

some things to look forward too..

Lina posted this on our community's dialogue list. It looks like it could be cool..

30 reasons. From their site, "30 graphic designers create 30 posters and give you their 30 reasons reasons to vote for Barack Obama." Even if you aren't a fan, design is cool, so I'm excited to see the different artists use their mediums to create different things.

a clean break. Also from their site, "Promoting 'clean' development — aesthetically and ecologically — the exhibition features innovative design solutions from international architects and designers, addressing issues of urban infill, 21st century development and sustainability.

In conjunction with Design Philadelphia and National Design Week 2008, A Clean Break will emerge as a pop-up neighborhood of modern and sustainable design with an emphasis on modular and prefabricated homes. The outdoor exhibition offers full-scale homes to tour, installations by architects, urban farming, transportation, environmentally-friendly furniture, public art and other high-design, low-waste products."

ps- there will be a free bike valet @ the opening on October 16th from 7pm to 10pm. That sounds like a fun thing to do on my birthday :)

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Jesse said...

I totally want to go the Clean Break exhibit. It looks awesome, and there will be some neat prefab houses on display.