Oct 22, 2008


I love my cell. Sometimes I struggle with it, but most of the time, I love it. Last night was really really refreshing. First of all we had a couple of new faces, which is the first in a lonnnnng time, so that was really exciting. I don’t remember exactly how it was brought up- but we were talking about left brain vs right brain type people. I happen to be very left brained. I like math, and need to know how and why things work, and understand them before I can believe them. I think in a world where we were/are mostly brought up left brain in school and life, faith/God was always portrayed to me in an artistic, subjective way. It never fully computed in my head, and I’ve always felt like I had a hard time connecting to God. Well I think it’s because I’ve always tried to connect to something in a way that I know doesn’t work for me! At Circle, we have an L&A team- which I think is so awesome. It’s helping people connect to God through words, music, art, and symbolism. That works for a lot of people, though it’s never worked for me. What does it look like to connect to God in an analytical, objective, rational way? How do I connect like that? I really have no ideas at this point, but my cell helped get my thoughts running..so I can think about how to make that work. It’s refreshing, because it seems like there is a reason why I’ve always struggled to fully connect. Anyone interested in talking about this with me? How do you connect?

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Michael P. Heneghan said...

Lets talk about this sometime. I think about God in a real analytical, logical kind of way. While I'm not really a mathy kinda person in other aspects of my life, I definitely connect with God on that level.