Nov 28, 2008

black friday

the past 4 years of my life (save last year) was spent working in a huge retail store on Black Friday. Crazy Shoppers, crazy busy. I obviously can't ignore this day as I work for a retail company, but I was not forced to work in the retail environment, which was nice. I did partake in a little shopping, I got some new books to read:

Blue Like Jazz (Haley will be into this for me)
Fahrenheit 451
A Prayer for Owen Meany (Weegie read me a bit out loud as he is reading it, and it sounds good!)

I also found this week, these Visa cards through Epos bank (pretty sure its not available in the US, click here for more designs) Which I'm in love with. The top two are for Haley :)


N.W.O.O. said...
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My name's Haley said...

Come home soon.