Nov 5, 2008

a day to remember

Whether you voted for Obama or not, I think this is a tremendous, and lovely time to be a part of this country. His speech last night gave me goosebumps, and teary eyes. It was beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing Obama in action.

I am leaving in just 2 short days to see Weegie. His sister Laura is studying in Italy for a year, and she is hopping over to meet up with us for the weekend. I'm also very excited about that! She won't be home for thanksgiving, so it will be nice to see her now, and then again at xmas. Have I ever said how much I love his family? They are kind of the best :)

Boston is good. I'm hanging out with my dear friend Lucas tonight. I'm going to make some ravioli! I miss you Philly!


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