Nov 24, 2008

Fall TIme Fun Friends Feast

This was a good weekend. I had my 2nd annual fall party, which was a smashing success. There were friends to enjoy, and food to be had. Thanks all for sharing! My very dearest friend Johnny Cupcakes came to take part in the potluck dinner. It was great to have him here, to meet my friends, and see the community that I am a part of. At the party he was taking pictures of everyone, and I thought it would be funny to have people shake their faces..which resulted in pants being almost peed in.

I made those pumpkin cupcakes again, which were gobbled up.

I got some good pictures with some of my favorite people. This is Haley. She is probably the most amazingly funny, silly, genuine, loving, kind, creative girl you will ever meet. I am so thankful everyday that she is in my life, and we are roomates. I hope that we are friends for life.

Walter is also home now, and that's been a little bit of a struggle to get back into the swing of things. Both of us got pretty comfy being on our own, so being together is actually taking some work. I am very grateful to have a boyfriend that is willing to work things out. I think that means alot.

all in all, I've had a whirlwind past 3 weeks, and I am glad to be home, for half a second. I leave again tomorrow to go to Indiana with Walter for Thanksgiving. I wish I knew I would be coming back to stay..but it will only be a week before i am back in Boston, and then home for a few weeks, and then Florida for Christmas. Hopefully the new year will bring some rest. I need it.


joshua said...

another awesome party

leann (gorman) wood said...

shakey face pictures are the best. and yours is one of the all time greatest. i laughed out loud!

Jason Harmon said...

so disappointed I couldn't come.

Good job on the Haley assessment too. I agree.

My name's Haley said...

you guys are too sweet