Nov 19, 2008


So my flight home was kind of crazy. First, as we were descending, there was a TON of turbulence, and at one point, the whole plane free fell for about 1 second, and we all flew up in our seats, like on a roller coaster. Everyone started screaming, and the giant gentleman on my left flung his arms like a child, and they collided with my face. It hurt, but I was laughing because everyone was screaming.

Then, our pilot was apparently drunk flying, as this was our route home..


lady.shiv said...

Haha! Somehow Daniel told me that story already!
Also, on a side note, Mystic Seaport which is on your map there, is very close to where I grew up. And it's a very lovely place.

joshua said...

that is so scary! at least the yellow masks didn't fall down from the ceiling!