Nov 21, 2008

working from home

So I've got my set-up here, and today is the last day of my first week, working from home. It's been pretty good so far. As with any new job, the first few weeks/months take some getting used to. I got a new laptop, and iphone, which I am having a lot of fun with. luckily i've had a house guest this week to keep me company. He's pretty great. I supposes at some point I was going to have to do this, so here it photobooth picture of me at work :)

Also- Fall Time Fun Friends Feast is tomorrow, and Johnny Cupcakes will be here tonight. He will also be coming to PM with me, so make sure you come say hi. He wants to meet all of my wonderful friends, and my community that I couldn't move to Boston because of :)

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joshua said...

whoa! new gadgets!