Dec 7, 2008

leaving again..

bah. I just can't seem to keep myself in philly very long these days. It's hard on me. I don't really like leaving home. I'm back up in Boston this week. 6:30am bus. ewwww. I recently acquired a wii fit, and it has provided some lovely entertainment, and exercise the past week. I thoroughly enjoy watching Walter hula-hoop on it :)

In other news, Christmas is coming up so quick, and I'm having a hard time with it this year. I don't want to buy gifts. Mostly it's because I don't want to think about 45 different things to buy for everyone in my huge family. The small amount of money and meaning in these objects I feel like is so wasteful. I'm stuck in this dilemma of wanting to experience Christmas as God would want me to, but feeling the pressure to experience as the world would have me. To rebel against gift giving, I then become careless, and heartless to certain people in my life. Why can't they understand I'm just trying to celebrate the birth of Christ??


joshua said...

hope you have a great trip!

that's a great dilemma, right there. i hope there's a way to give more than just the reduced seasonal way of wrapped up Kay Jewelers stuff or something.

wgkealey said...

Gift giving for the sake of tradition is dumb. Let's figure out something cool and productive to do.