Dec 2, 2008


sooooooooo today was the day one year ago Walter sat me down on my couch before PM and asked if I would be his girl. One year. It's not a very long time at all, but as far as relationships go in my life with boys- this one's a long one. I think it was intimidating for both of us for different reasons, and early on in our relationship we agreed not to celebrate anniversary's on a monthly basis, really just the years, so this was something to celebrate.

We kept it pretty low key. I took him out for breakfast- to our secret spot, and then worked most of the day at home, while he played wii fit, and got his life back in order here in Philly. I made peanut butter and banana sandwiches on toast for lunch, with some cheese we brought back from Switzerland and crackers. We went and got a Christmas tree, and i put my lights up. I'm so glad it's Christmas time. We ate a quick dinner at home, and both had our cells tonight. That was that. Happy One Year b.

Jury Duty Tomorrow ICK!


the boom said... cute!
i hope to have such a cute, loving, and healthy relationship soon.
hope you've been well sweets.

joshua said...

yeah you guys are cute