whirlwind life

i feel like my life has been in a constant state of movement the past few months. Really, since I left Urban, starting with Johnny, and going to Switzerland. With the holidays, trips up to Boston, and the normal life stuff..its been go go go. The past few trips up to Boston have been pretty good. Most recently I went up there with Lindsey, her beau and sister, and my b- for Johnny's holiday party. There was tons of snow, which was awesome, and i got to go to my favorite vintage store, where I got a lovely dress, and 3 new creamers/mini pitchers for my collection. Dave snapped this picture of lc and I, which i absolutely love:

The time before that, Clark and I went out with Dave for "trivia" (quizzo). Our lovely team won first place, and I even knew a few answers!

I JUST got home from spending Christmas in Florida with Weegie's family (and a few days with some of my relatives) it was SO nice to see Laura and Betsy. I got 4 new cookbooks, which i am REALLY excited about, and some other cooking/baking accessories. It was a great week.

And then here we are, at New Year's again. I love the thought of a crisp new year. I look back at last years goals, and I accomplished so much! With each new year, I pick a new "challenge"; 2008's being going without a car. I think that it taught me a lot, and overall was a great experience. This year I have decided to only shop at thrift stores for a year. This is going to be a good one for me.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


My name's Haley said…
you and linds are the cutest ever.
lindsey said…
OMG - we are the cutest ever. How do I get access to these pics?!!!! And thank you so much for inviting us to come along. Han, Erik and I had the best time in the whole world!!!
Joshua Grace said…
good luck with that goal! that is quite a bit of running around.