Jan 29, 2009

doing well thank you!

What a great week this is turning out to be. Not that I didn't intend for it to be, but already it's Thursday, and I am very pleased.

Monday Weegie and I went out for restaurant week here in Philly. We went to Tangerine, and it was really good!

Tuesday was my first cell as an apprentice, and it went really well! My friend Tai from Urban came, and we got to hang out after which was great. Haley also came home, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Wednesday I had lunch with Siobhan @ Ida Maes. I got the tuna melt which was fantastic. It was great to spend some time with a friend that I don't hang out with very often. I also made dinner for Jonny Rashid, and we got some much needed face time. Then I invited a group of girls out to Starboard Side Tavern for some girl time. I intentionally want to get more established girls connected with new faces around the community. Every Wednesday at 9, if you're a lady, you should come! It ended up being a GREAT time, and I'm so exicted to do it again next week. Someone new in your cell? Meet someone new at PM? Bring them out!

Today is Thursday, and work is going well this week. I was in Boston last week, which was great. I'm super excited about the coming months with Johnny. I'm also meeting up with Jenna J (my new super awesome roommate!) for coffee later, and then Weegie and I are going to make dinner.

Nadia is finally back in town (hooray!) so we're having lunch tomorrow, and then I'll be headed out to Germantown later in the evening for Hannah Lee's birthday party.

Saturday is brunch with Mueller, my fav gal, and the Love Feast!

Just a full week of friends and community. I'm so happy to be exactly where i am right now.