Jan 8, 2009


A goal of mine for this year is to learn how to run/enjoy it. I got a pair of running pants from Target that I love. I also went ahead and got new headphones and an armband for my ipod today from amazon.

With some good advice from my friend/runner Lois, I've gone running twice this week, and been able to go about 20 minutes without stopping. I was pretty happy with that. I can't wait til it's a bit warmer out, and I don't have to layer up to go running..

A re-post from Haley, via Tim Ferris, via Leo Babauta. The Power of Less. I am publicly setting my 1 month habit-forming goal. I want to run 5 days a week. For at least 15 minutes at a time (to start). Thats my 30 day challenge. I'll let you know how it goes :)

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joshua said...

i love it. i gotta get on the program myself, at least i've been meaning to for about 5yrs or something.