Jan 11, 2009

what a week

This week was one of the hardest ones I've had in awhile. I cried a whole lot, I felt hurt, and sad, and lonely. I felt so broken down. My heart felt like it was in a million tiny pieces.

The process of healing takes a lot of effort. I think I'm on that road. I have a while to go still, but I feel better today. That's a good start.

I'm learning a lot of things about myself.

I'm not very good at communicating.
I have horrible timing.
I can be very impatient.

Yes the road to healing can still be painful, but I want to get there.


joshua said...

i like your last sentence. getting there is most of the time getting on the road with some consciousness.

Michael P. Heneghan said...

Your party was the best party I've been to in a real real long time. I had a downer of a week, as well. It helped cheer me up a whole lot.

jenibender said...

talk about a bad week! i hear ya. i got mugged and punched and kicked... and then lost my job as a result. so yea i could use a party to cheer me up. ps. i now have time free. let's hang.