Feb 24, 2009

2 year anniversary

Of moving to Philadelphia. Weird. Short and sweet- a photo montage of my life before, on the way, and here..i'm so glad i moved here..

Say goodbye to family!
Goodbye friends!
Going Away Party
My companions on the road trip.
sisters come visit!
Yea, I used to party when i first moved here.
Dad comes to visit.
I moved to fishtown, and found Circle of Hope.
Lots of trips to Boston!
First Birthday in Philly, 22!
Talked to a cute boy that night. We started hanging out.
First Christmas in Philly.
Spontaneous trip to Iceland!
Summer of weddings!
Moved in with the best room mate ever!
camping trip summer 08
lots of bbq's and hangouts
went to CA to send the b off around the world.
camping fall 08
said goodbye to urban
Watched the Phillies win it all
went to Switzerland to bring the b home, and ate a sausage!
Fall Time Fun Friends Feast version 2.0

Merry Christmas from FL, 1 year ann w b, hello 2009!

I got lame, and stopped taking pictures since then, i want to get a new camera..I love you Philly, you're the best thing that's happened in my life, and I'm so glad we're friends. I've met the best people, grown so much closer to God, grown up, and had the most fun here. Here's to many more dear friend!



wgkealey said...

Good pics. I have stopped taking pictures too, let's start. We are one good looking couple. You make me smile!

lover mother said...

I am so glad you moved here! Thanks for coming and hanging out with a grumpy pregnant lady today!

joshua said...

happy aniv! yeah, glad you are here!

Jonny said...

Feels like you've been around forever. Thanks for being you.

My name's Haley said...

I like you. Thanks for making my move infinitely more spectacular.

Michael P. Heneghan said...

happy to be in two of those photos w/you =)