Feb 20, 2009

bitter cold

I am cold today. This week has been a good one, super busy, really cold at times, but a really great week. I bowled pretty well last night, i wasn't doing so hot in the beginning of each game, but then would pull it out of nowhere, to finish the last 3 frames, 124, then 137! I got a turkey that second game in the last 2 frames (AWESOME!)

I love bowling so much. I also was talking to my friend Brad about a soccer league he is on. I really want to find a non-competitive soccer league to play in this spring. I miss it so much!

I feel super overwhelmed this week with good things, and just overwhelming things. I don't feel so great today, been drinking lots of tea, and need to get some rest.

I've been working from the Rocket Cat the past week and a half. I'm really liking that. There are so many things I want to do..I hope I'm always able to accomplish the things I want to do in life. I'm lucky to be on a great team, where I'm encouraged, and pushed to accomplish all of those things.

Happy Weekend to you! TGIF!

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lady.shiv said...

I love having you at work with me!