Feb 3, 2009

hello february!

It's already february. it's already 2 months into the second year of my relationship with walter. it's already starting to get a bit warmer. I like all of these things.

Good Food Mondays have been re-instated, which i'm also excited about. We didn't plan for this week, so we just made food together..but can i say..it was jammmmmmin.

We bought some Mahi Mahi, and we made a sauce to put on top and then baked it.

chopped cilantro
chopped onion
chopped garlic
melted butter
lime juice
salt + pepper

It was delicious! We also roasted some brussel sprouts, which were def to my liking. (I think i got walter to actually like them!)

Then we made mint milkshakes..by adding crushed thin mints to the mix. they were perrrrrrrrrf.

Weeg tried to teach me Texas Hold'em, but I guess it's hard to do with only 2 people. So then we played Rummy, which I am way into. We got tired of that real quick, so then we played scrabble. apex, quoted, bribes..all great words.

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been so busy!

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joshua said...

sounds really fun