Feb 27, 2009

Left Coast

I flew back to CA yesterday. 7am flight, which took off an 1 1/2 hours late, so i missed my connection in Phoenix, and didn't make it to Santa Barbara until 3. My mom and step-dad picked me up, and we went to the harbor, walked around, and then went downtown, and got some coffee bean (ahhhhhh!!!!!) and since i wasn't too hungry, we went and did a cheese/wine tasting. It was scrumptous! We made our way out to UCSB for Johnny's lecture, and then they said goodbye. That was sad. I miss my family so much! BUUUUUT, we did grab in-and-out on the way home..mmmm.

Sunny, blue skies, and mountains. Lovely.


We didn't make it back to LA until about 1:30am, so I was pretty beat. I didn't get much sleep the night before, and I didn't get much last night either, because we woke up suuuuper early to get Johnny on the morning news! KTLA style! That was really fun, but at that point I had less than 8 hours of sleep in a 48+ hour period. siiiiiick

I hung out with my old friend Mike today, we grabbed some food at RFD (real food daily, vegan AWESOME restaurant) then coffee at CB, and then I went to get a haircut with Kellen. Just a trim, nothing fancy.

I will be seeing Brit, Jonathan, and JUSTIN KAY(!!!!!!!!) hopefully tonight, but perhaps tomorrow. Also my dad and step-mom and my little sister. Cramming those friends in as tight as possible!

When I got off the plane in SB, the air smelled so sweet, and I immediately missed California. Then seeing my parents made the air smell even sweeter. Driving around LA, eating at old favorite places, running into friends, because LA is so small to me, and seeing actual houses makes me miss this place. I love Philly so much, and it's a completely different life I have there. I was thinking about if I ever moved back here, my life would look so much different. For one- I would most definitely get a bike, and ride it instead of driving. I would live in a different neighborhood. I would hang out different places, and do different things. I didn't take advantage of all LA had to offer when I was here. I don't think I'll ever have another run here- but it is a lovely place to come back to, and still feel familiar with. LA has a part of me that I won't ever get back, and I'm ok with that. It grew me up man.

Leaving tomorrow back to Boston for a couple weeks. see ya soooooooon


Jonny said...

Glad your trip is going well so far. I'll have to go there before I'm dead.

joshua said...

that sounds awesome. you must send messages of love to Justin!!

i can't believe you didn't go to Freebird's! you probably drove right by it!