Feb 4, 2009


I've been feeling the love lately. In unexpected ways, and from unexpected places. I'm used to receiving love in specific ways, and from specific people..but when it comes along unexpected, I think I notice it more, and appreciate it more.

Seeing an old friend
Having a friend tell you how awesome they think you are
Standing in the snow for 30 minutes talking to your friend
Being pursued in friendships
Finding a little card in my pocket, telling me how much I'm appreciated.

I feel the love mostly from my friends. It was interesting to hang out with my good friend Thomas tonight. He has known me since I was 18, crazy! He is from LA, but was out here for work. He asked me if I still liked Philly. I got to explain the process of quitting Urban, and how in that I left my reasons for moving here, and had to find real ones. It's because I am a part of a community that I am so in love with. It's because I have the greatest, most real friends. I am no longer living here because my job moved me here. I am living here because I am choosing to, and I want to live intentionally with the people around me.

I've had a rough past several months. I like to smile, and say things are ok, but I've been struggling, and hurting a lot on the inside. As much as I love myself, and feel God's love for me- I wasn't feeling very loved outside of that. This past week + today I really felt loved. I'm so glad to be a part of a community that truly cares about me, and does the small things to make me feel loved and appreciated. I'm truly, very lucky.

I love, love. (I want to make a poster of that..)

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Jonny said...

I love love, too. I love being your friend. Thanks for returning the favor.