Feb 9, 2009


Ok- so some of you may know my dad, by his many guest appearances on pretty much any show on tv, credits here. Well, if you didn't know, my dad is also an accomplished musician who went on a quest to write a bunch of music last year. He wrote several songs, and then got together a group of fantastic musicians to play a concert. Among the group are musicians who performed with such acts as: Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Sammy Davis Jr. and REO Speedwagon. They didn't use any electric instruments, or computers for the show. Over the past several months my dad has been busy working away in the studio recording all of his songs. WELL! The wait is finally over, and the albums have now been released! See below, and click to be taken to the itunes store!

You can also check out his website for more information about all the musicians, and the music. I'm really really, SUPER DUPER proud of my dad for this. He has always supported and encouraged me to pursue my loves, and have fun with whatever i'm doing. He is the best dad ever.

ps- Haley did all of the artwork for both albums!

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