Mar 24, 2009


I went up to NYC for 24 hours to see my big sister, and hang with her. She was in town auditioning for ballet companies (she's a professional ballet dancer) one of which is in Philly! I'm crossing my fingers she gets in, and moves here :)

I got this awesome cookbook for Christmas, and wanted to see the actual bakery(baked), so i took my sister and her friend to Brooklyn to check it out. We were starving when we got there, so we stopped in this hole-in-the-wall place called "Hope & Anchor" and it was a gem! The girl working was also adorable. If you're ever in Red Hook, you should go!

I got the Sweet and Salty cake, dark chocolate cake infused with a salty caramel, caramel chocolate ganache and topped with fleur de sel. yum! Alex got the Chocolate cloud cookie, and ohhhh myyyy goooooodness, it was the best ever!!

We also bought some dreams, for only $.99!

My aunt took us to a cabaret show, and then we stopped by a favorite of mine, Billy's Bakery in Chelsea. yum. We had breakfast at Eats, and then I hopped home. I'll be back in the city in a few weekends, as my little sister is performing at Carnegie Hall!

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stephy said...

Holy shit that cake looks so good! I love your blog btw.