Mar 26, 2009

Summer Adventuressss

I'm coming close to being summer girl- no pants, sundresses, and lots of fun! Here is my to do list by the end of summer:

Go to Knoebels
Go camping
Have open bbq night at my house
Start and finish my next quilt
Take a trip
Take a road trip
Go to NYC more often, and find new things to do there
Ride my bike farther
Buy a new bike
Go to State College for 4th of July
Run consistently
Go to DC when my parents are in town
Make new friends
Find somewhere to have a bonfire
Go hiking
Always have a fridge with beer in it
Get a pick-up soccer game going weekly
Have a "work from home/home during the day" lunch at least monthly if not more
ADDING: go to baseball games!


Jesse said...

I'm in for at least 6 of the 18. And of course the "no pants" club.

lady.shiv said...

Jesse beat me to it.
But, "no pants!"

Jonny said...

I don't like the idea of you going to State College on the anniversary of the day I met you!