Mar 27, 2009

yummy goodies

I've baked a few times in the last week- both spur of the moment, with ingredients I just had lying around. The first was for cell, I wanted to make a snack, and I had a bag of apples- so I just googled "simple apple dessert" and ended up making a peanut butter apple crisp pie. It..was..phenomenal. I don't like pie/crisp/cobbler, generally anything with warm, gooey fruit in it- but i wanted to eat the whole pie! the peanut butter/cinnamon/apple combo was just too good. I was kind of glad that we had a small cell that night, so we could all have seconds!

The second was a craving for chocolate that couldn't go unfed. I had read a blog a few weeks ago about a microwaveable 3 minute chocolate cake in a mug. So i decided to try it out. A few tablespoons of cocoa, sugar, flour, an egg, some milk and vanilla, and I was on my way to a 5 minute dessert in a cup. I want to play with the recipe more, and maybe change it up a bit, but overall for the time it took to prepare, i was satisfied.

ps- im sorry all my photos lately have been pretty lame. My camera is just about shot- i guess that happens over 3 years of constant use- so until i buy a new one, iphone photos are all i've got!

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