Apr 7, 2009

I am horrible with clever titles..this one was called "shoes"

I am in love with shoes. Recently I've seen SO many shoes that I want SO bad..but since I am not shopping this year..I'm having to pass, but just so I don't get tempted to buy them anyways- as a public accountability professing- here I will show you, so that if you ever see me wearing these (within 2009) you can get all up in my face about it. deal?

I ALMOST didn't post that first picture, because I have the biggest crush on them, and want to buy them with all of my heart.

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C and G said...

el oh el! We're not buying clothes this year - well not anything new (Ok, except for underwear and bras for me and underwear and white t's for G). So when we are desperate for something we head to the thrift shops - which I love anyways . . . but oh how I miss LUCY. They send me their tantalizing sale e-mail and I have to delete them before I look at them so I don't drool all over my keyboard (Jaron does enough of that for me). It's ok though - saying no is good!!! And consuming less is GOOD!!! You can do it!