life, man

Had the first BBQ of the season last night. I thought we should kick it off right, so I made potato salad, pasta salad, cut up a watermelon, and make my first vanilla cupcakes! (crazy, right?) They were a little dense for me, but everyone seemed to like them. Also- (drum roll please) I think I am officially going to stop being a vegetarian for now. I even ate half a hamburger last night.

The weather is so so SO beautiful. My front and back doors are both open right now, and i planted some herbs/veggies/flowers 1 week ago, and they are already sprouting! Success!

Also- this guy makes me pretty happy :)


Jonny Rashid said…
'm totally off the vegetarian wagon these days. Glad the BBQ was fun, too. And I'm glad you're finding some success with gardening! Have me over next BBQ.
Anonymous said…
the pictures of you and ryan are sooo great! :) -Colleen
Joshua Grace said…
did you make the burger patties?