Jun 10, 2009

boston recap

i can't even keep up with all my trips to post about them! My last trip to Boston was really really fun. Now that finkle lives there, i have 1 more person to hang out with! We saw Up, walked around Newbury on a very sunny day, went to my fav place, finally ate at the REAL Tosca, enjoyed toast, and of course drank tons of starbucks. When we were at the other side for dinner one night, Finkle said his friend was coming down from Albany to hang out for the weekend. Well- I didn't think anything of it, until he showed up, and it was my friend Derek! I met Derek back in CA, working at UO, and we both have since relocated to the east coast (he is from NY) and it was nice to hang out with him.

Johnny shows a movie once a month at this really cool old theater that his parents used to go on dates to! They are all old movies from when he was a kid. Last month was "The Wizard" with the awesomely awesome Jenny Lewis, and ok- Fred Savage. funfun.

Clark looking scared because he is actually driving..

Glad to be back, but will be up again for a Boat Cruise the end of the month!

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