the burbs

I really wanted to get outside the city this weekend. Take a day trip- something. But since I don't have a car, that's a little hard. Colleen said she would be up for something, so we made our way down Westchester,(missed the exit and ended up in deleware, hah) it was POURING out as we googled some thrift stores, and settled on Lee Jewelree + Thrift Shop. It was basically an indoor mini flea market. In the basement I found this adorable little tin sink and oven. At $25 each I passed.

Then we walked down a block to Fay's Thirft Shop, and I rounded up a good amount of treasures. It was quite a glorious day! You can see everything I bought here. Favorites below..

It still works!

Made in Ecuador.


Bangs said…
You did so well. In a weird way, I'm proud. "Weird" = jeaulous.

Also, my word is "Bearcoic", which is pretty great.