Jun 27, 2009

happy weekend! (and it's only sat)

Friday evening Ryan and I went down to Moore college for the Bicycle gallery opening. Since their bike sculpture won the kinetic derby, it was on display along with bmx riders, a history of bikes, (with some awesome old old bikes) and other bike related art things. That was fun, although I forgot to take any pictures.

Then today we hung out in center city for a bit, bought some new books, ran errands etc etc. Later in the afternoon Lois picked me up to head down to the South Philly Taproom Block party/Wheat Beer festival. Her band was playing, so I went to see them, and hang out with the girls. It was so fun!! I had a couple delicious beers, danced with my little ladies, and met some new people. It was nice to be outside, in the sun, just playing and having fun. a few favorites, the rest are on my flickr:

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Jonny said...

Man! Tell me what beers you had, Lana!