Jun 17, 2009

if i weren't on a shopping ban

I would be buying all of these dresses because it's SUMMERTIME! I'm half-way through this no shopping year.

all available on modcloth.


sanityseeker said...

oooh, i love that site! thanks for the link!!
the kennywood dress looks super easy, maybe when i get my adjustable dress form i can attempt to make it for you!! i'd love the challenge.
if you're interested, work on finding a tank top that fits you well for the top.

Bangs said...

wow. I'm so impressed.

Jonny said...

Man, that's tough. That'd be like me giving us beer and baseball for a year. I guess I'd learn to like wine and hockey, more.

ModMandy said...

Sorry about your shopping ban! But congrats, that is a really tough thing. I tried giving up shopping for lent... Didn't work too well.

Anyways, thank you so much for posting ModCloth's dresses up, we appreciate your support!


Bangs said...

I actually kind of want to know the details/standards you imposed, and how it's going. We can talk about this next time I see you IRL, or you can blog-tell me or whatever. I love self-imposed challenges.