Jul 9, 2009


I'm home now from our eco-adventure. and it was quite the adventure. I can't possibly explain everything about the week, but highlights include:

eating(trying) sea urchin
snorkeling the meso-american reef, 2nd largest reef in the world
seeing sharks and barracudas, and eagle rays
7th wonder of the world @ Chichen Itza
hanging out in Belize for a day
making new friends
camping on the beach, waking up to the ocean
getting evicted from our camp ground
eating barracuda
swimming in an underground cenote
relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

a couple favorite photos, the rest are on my flickr.

ryan and i @ chichen itza

pretty hammocks

swimming in the cenote x'keken

slept in that hammock for a couple nights

cute store in belize

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