Aug 18, 2009

1/2 this post is for sue

justified by the fact that sometimes its just downright impossible to find shoes at a thrift store.

yes they are sparkly

ALERT: the rest of this post contains topics such as bras and tampons. men, proceed having been warned.
This picture doesn't even come close to the vibrancy of this pink. it's seriously NEON. I assume new sports bras will motivate me to actually run in this humidity. we'll see how that works out.

in other tuesday news:

fall bowling league is shaping up. deciding whether to stick with "team uh oh" or "bry is lana's boy toy". I love my bowling team.

I also need to find something to do with 18 very large sized tampons. craft project anyone? I apparently didn't know purple was the new color for THE LARGEST SIZE IN THE UNIVERSE. I tried to return them, but alas, they do not exist in the system anymore.

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Bangs said...

I knew it was those shoes as soon as you told me. Thought about them a few times myself. Animal print as accent is fine. I think.