Aug 26, 2009


Today totally caught up with me. work's been crazy, i need to do laundry and pack before I leave tomorrow, (kashi just farted, and it smells AWFUL) (Haley witnessed it) I have projects I'm working on, i need to pack, and get ready to move (luckily the girl moving in loves the color of my room, and doesn't want me to paint it back) I need to figure out how to make 200 mini pies in exactly a month from today for haley's wedding without wanting to kill myself. My dad's coming for a visit next weekend, house buying stuff is a headache, i feel like i haven't seen most of my circle friends all summer, there is alot of beer and butter in my fridge, i got through one box of my stuff in the basement, and realized its going to take forever to go through everything, AHHH! I'm back to the single life. Sometimes it's better to go to bed early, and wake up early to get things done, versus staying up late. I was having problems sleeping last week, so i got some melatonin, and it seemed to help. i bought the most exciting amount of glitter in the most amazing colors today and it's only wednesday. I'm leaving tomorrow and won't be back til Tues AM, so blogging might be light.

crappy iphone photo of my room color.

not that much better regular picture of my glass deer (calf/bunny?) collection.

Back when Kashi was smaller, and not a jerk.

And I still think I owe you an 18 year old Lana photo. that will have to get scanned in, because I didn't get a digital camera until I was 21. Can you believe I was against digital cameras for the longest time? This was a catch-all post. Consider yourself updated.

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LuLu said...

Wait...Your dad is coming to town? Joyce's cancer doctor is going to be here? I'm so excited. And let me know if you need help with mini-pies. xoxo