Hanna Andersson

I remember as a kid, absolutely LOVING when my mom got the Hanna Andersson catalog in the mail. I'd pour over it and cut out what I wanted and make a collage out of it. Looking at their website years later it's not as beautiful as I remember. Everything I had used to be floral, and stripes, and they were all about prints, and good prints at that. I was a little let down.

I ALWAYS had a pair of clogs. I remember a ditsy print, and a navy blue pair.
I also wore these swedish slippers, but again- mine were that red, swedish floral print.

and tights! I had about 10 pairs of Hanna Andersson tights (I actually still have a couple pairs) Which were so awesome. My favorite combo were these red and white striped tights, under a dark blue denim dress, and my floral clogs. I need to find some pictures.