Aug 12, 2009


my heart hurts today, and my eyes are filled with tears.

a former employee of mine, from uo in santa monica was out here visiting friends. We used to hang out, got along well- he was always laid back. I felt that he understood people, and was more accepting than most. He was an "everything's alllright" kind of guy.

He called me to see if we could get lunch. I was excited to see him, and we made plans to meet at the rocket cat. He was staying up near Franklin Mills, and took the el this way. He got off at berks, missed norris, and called me at york and kensington. I told him to walk down york, and turn right on frankford. 10 minutes later i got this text:

"if i had known i was gonna hafta walk 2 miles through the ghetto just to hang out, i wouldn't have bothered."

It really bummed me out. I didn't hear from him again. I called and texted. nothing.

This is my home. this is where i live, and what i love. he probably walked by some of your houses, and he just saw the exterior and judged our homes. He was scared, and ignorant, and uncompassionate. It really hurt me to hear those words. i realized how many people in the world have never seen or experienced any sort of "rough" neighborhood. (kensington being mild compared to some) I probably would have felt the same way 3 years ago.

I'm so glad i moved out of CA, and have made a home for myself here. I love what we do as a community, and I am incredibly happy that my eyes have been opened. I hope someday his are too.


kate said...

Man, that is really sucky! I can’t believe he would just turn around and not let you know!

A similar thing happened to me a few years ago when friends from southern California came to visit me at lg’s house. They were very ‘omg we are in the ghettttooooooooo’ before they even got to the house (lost and calling on the phone, complaining that they were going to be shot and scared to leave their car on the street). They were making comments about the house, the neighborhood and our safety the entire time they were there (and not just to me – to the proud homeowner as well). while they were joking around mostly, or trying to, it was still just incredibly rude and maddening. It’s hard to believe that friends would act that way. If you think that shit – keep it to yourself. Be polite. You don’t see me making fun of your ridiculously boring apartment complex (Out loud. To your face.). But to not see that at least we are happy – we love our house, our neighbors, our life – and aren’t living a sad life just because we aren’t renting a beige-carpeted apartment with mirrored sliding closet doors – it was really hurtful and frustrating!

stephy said...

Wow I'm really sorry. That would really hurt me too.

Bangs said...

Sometimes people need to get friend dumped.