Aug 7, 2009

tid bits

got a couple new books recently. one for $3 at barnes and nobles, and one from Ryan.

Victorian Alphabets, Monograms and Names. It has the coolest fonts.

Flea Market Style. I want to live inside this book. It's funny, because I actually put up a picture that is in this book on my blog awhile ago. :)

Did you collect stickers as a kid? I definitely had a Lisa Frank sticker book, and collected SO many stickers. I think I even still have some in a box in the basement. Which speaking of the basement- Haley and I are going to have a "yard sale" of sorts sometime this month or next, to clean out our house before we move out (so sad!!!) We're thinking of making it a little neighborhood event, let me know if you have stuff you want to sell? Ok- back to stickers. recently i've been purchasing stickers here or there, with no purpose in mind, but they are so stinking cute, I just can't say no. Hello Kitty, cute things on parachutes (I got those in Italy)??? Oh and these adorable faces from the small object.

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