Sep 8, 2009


I have to admit- finding jeans at thrift stores is incredibly hard- unless you like ill-fitting, baggy pants. I've been oogling goods online, and may break the fast to buy a new pair for fall.

I've been really wanting a pair of pull-on jeans for about a year now.

I also am into the deconstructed style right now.
members only, uo

I've also had really great success with PacSun jeans, I guess skater/surfers know about skinny jeans. I have a couple pairs of the Hermosa style. , but the new Solana (how appropriate) are skinnier, and come in such fun colors.

Solana, PacSun

I've done Chip and Pepper, True Religion, Ernest Sewn, Hudson and Miss Sixty and want to try out J Brand, Joes, and Nudie has some new styles that could fit women. I have to say- premium denim is worth the cash if you appreciate fit, comfort, and style. They are just hands down made better.

EDIT: Leann just reminded me of the new 1969 denim line @ Gap! I saw these in a magazine last week and definitely wanted to try them out too.

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leann (gorman) wood said...

i actually tried on an awesome pair of skinnies at the gap the other day. worth looking into